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Tired of Thinking... 

Is this as good as it’s going to get?

  • I believe my life is good on paper but something is missing
  • I go through books and podcasts but still feel incomplete
  • I work all day yet no results
  • I am tired of feeling like a doormat
  • I keep ending up in dead-end relationships


Don’t Stay Stuck​!

Reality: Most are Stuck...

before they work with us

We are here to help you create.

Rapid Growth

"This program is for people who want to achieve more, but there are things in the way"'.

- Tim K



“I’ve opened up and feel more confident than ever. Just do it. Take the leap."

- Chris M


Increased Performance

“I would have paid 10x as much if I knew what I had been walking into. I got out of my own damn way."

- Lance D

Clarity & Opportunity

So many new opportunities are literally falling at our feet. TCS brought so much more clarity to my life.

- Scott & Michelle O.

Blueprint for Life

We have a clear vision of where we want to be in 5-10 years, and it’s starting to happen without forcing it.

- Kristin D

Openness & Connection

“It didn’t take long to accomplish what I wanted at the retreat. I now can accept love from others, my husband and myself.”

- Kristin D.

How its Done?

By applying proven methods

Rapid Eye Technology

Neuro-linguistic Programming

Somatic Psychotherapy

TRE - Tension & Trauma Release Exercise

Breath Work

Confront the Past, Accelerate your Growth

You can’t achieve your maximum potential with outdated beliefs that hold you back. You don’t have to hit your limits over and over, or feel lost when it comes to growth.

So much more is possible when you release the past, retrain your mind, and embrace your emotions.


Are you ready to reinvent yourself to obtain the success you want?

Join Us in the Experience

Your Facilitators

Founder & Head Facilitator

Anat Peri

“I’ll teach you to use fear to fuel your success.”

  • 16+ years of experience in personal development
  • 12+ years coaching
  • 10,000+ hours of focused training
  • Certified in Life Coaching, Trauma Release Exercise, Neurolinguistic Programming and Reiki Levels 1 & 2

Facilitator & CEO

Chris Marhefka

“I submit to you ...

What if your dream life is one courageous step away?”

  • 10+ years as a coach
  • 2000+ clients served
  • Founded and sold multiple 6-figure businesses
  • Certified Reiki Levels 1 & 2
  • Certified Language Coach


Satisfied Participants 


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Take Control of Your Story

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Experience Freedom

Underneath all your old beliefs and stories, there’s a creative force ready to build the life you want. Are you ready to meet the real you?

What our Graduates are Saying

Before TCS I had what I thought was a pretty decent life. I had a steady job, relationship, and network of people around me, yet I felt drawn to see what else was out there. I felt I wasn’t living up to my highest potential. Although I had stability I wasn’t truly happy in any of the departments mentioned above. Now looking back a year later, I own my own business which I am extremely passionate about, and from that passion everything else has seemed to fall in line for me and that includes people.

Erica W.

Entrepreneuer, FL

If you’re committed to doing the work, Training Camp will teach you the tools you need to see and create your world from an entirely new perspective. My partner and I attended separately. We first evolved as individuals, and then we focused on resetting the relationship. It wasn’t a broken relationship, it just wasn’t working and we knew there had to be more. We fully let go of the old and fully embraced the new. Where we are today looks nothing like it did last year. We are happier, healthier, more loving and open people and we know it only keeps getting better the more work we put into ourselves and to each other. And now we're getting married!

Angela M. 

Business Professional, RI

I came to TCS because I felt something was hindering me from being myself. I felt stuck in my relationship and my job. I felt that I was in a hamster wheel. Now I lead with what I truly want. I don’t know if I’ve ever felt this good before.

Rich O.

Business Professional, RI

I lived my life for as long as I can remember with a constant anxiety in my body. It felt like a buzzing beneath my skin. Since coming home from the retreat I’ve been free of all those sensations. My body has felt calm and open. It feels amazing to be out of my head.

Kristen D.

Teacher, OR

I am literally the happiest I have EVER been. So much so and in so many ways. I journaled today and made a point to write that I no longer need to recite many of the affirmations I created at the retreat because I believe them so much and they are so engrained that I no longer require a reminder. I still say them but it is different. I have fallen (and continue to fall) so DEEPLY in love with myself. I am so complete. I appreciate Anat and the work that she does so much. I knew I could have the life of my dreams, but it could have taken me a lifetime to get here. Because of TCS, I have it now. 

Julieanne M.

Sales Manager, FL

I am so grateful for my life-changing experience at Training Camp for the Soul. I have gained the most valuable insights into the most important person in my life: Me. The incredible week with Anat and her team has led me to heal myself and my relationships. I've grown closer than ever with my husband. My son told me that after the retreat, I have been "1,000 times better than ever before." I am so grateful for the experience and all of the support I have received during the retreat and afterward as I returned home to my life and family.

Jorgia W.

Film Producer, FL

I felt like I was always in my head and couldn’t feel my emotions. I wanted to live life with more joy and peace. Now I’m able to feel my feelings. I realize feeling my emotions connects me more to others. I’ve learned to let go and stop following all these lists and rules. Now I enjoy the process. It was a life changing transformation.

Michelle O.

Health Coach, TX

Life after Training Camp for the Soul is anything I want for it to be. The person who would get in the way from having that life is no longer there. That person was me. I now have the tools to understand when a limited belief comes up for me, how to handle it and smoothly navigate through it.

Danny R.

Sales, CA

Before Training camp for the Soul I was in debt (I had been for years). I hadn’t had a day off in months. I felt stuck in my life - it was happening to me, and I was terrified of being found out for not actually being a success. During TCS I learned where I was limiting myself, and most importantly I learned tools to transform the stuck areas. Anat gave me safety to open up and challenged me when I needed it. It’s been a little over a year since I graduated. I am now earning more than I have in my life and I have savings! While working less hours, traveling more, and making time for play every week. The lessons I learned with TCS opened up possibilities for me that I could never have imagined being real life. But it is real life, and I wish everyone could experience this feeling of living in alignment.

Jesse A.

Coach, Dubai

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Optimize Your Training Style

Participants achieve life-changing results

through both virtual and in-person training

90 Day Virtual Training

  • 13 weekly modules
  • 13 group calls via Zoom
  • Over 50 hours of coaching
  • Lifetime access to modules

4-Day In-Person Training 

  • Intensive training
  • 3 One-on-one hot seats
  • All inclusive including shuttles and chef prepared meals (meeting all dietary restrictions)
  • Rustic lodging in the mountains

You Know This is Right for You If...

  • You’ve tried other courses, books, and programs but they haven’t worked like you hoped. 

  • You know you have old baggage and emotions to deal with, but you don’t know how.

  • You’re ready to try something different to

    expedite your growth.

  • You feel there is something more to your life.

Outcomes are Waiting for You…​

  • Connection, love, excitement, and great sex in your relationships.

  • More time for yourself without sacrificing success.

  • Skip years of therapy and trial-and-error games to achieve the true power within yourself.

Confront your Past,

Acknowledge your Fears,

Upgrade your Limiting Beliefs,

Realize your Power!
Stay Stuck


When you address your limiting beliefs, you will realize the life you desire.

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