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​Anat Peri | Founder & Facilitator

Anat created Training Camp for the Soul™ to empower people to create lives they truly love living.

Anat Peri, founder of Training Camp for the Soul™, is a catalyst for transformation. After 8 years in the self-love and mindset coaching space, she noticed something was missing from the practice. She became increasingly frustrated by a lack of results from purely mindset work. When she dove into the power of body-mind psychology her life, and her clients’ lives, truly began to shift and expand. With 17+ years of experience, she has combined somatic healing with inner child re-parenting to guide thousands of people through embodying the life of their dreams, healing their traumas, and mastering their emotions.

Anat has 17 years of experience in personal development, 12 years coaching and 10,000+ hours of focused training. She is certified in Life Coaching, Trauma Release Exercise, Neurolinguistic Programming and Reiki Levels 1 & 2.

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