TCS Support Calls

We have taken the most powerful parts of our proven process and turned it into a 90-minute support session to lay the foundation for these types of breakthroughs and we’d like to invite you!

This Free Support Call has helped hundreds of people over the last year.


There are no support calls at this time.

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So why have so many people been showing up every week on our free support calls? 

It's not because they've already done our program (though some of them have)


It's because our support calls create a place to let your REAL self out - what you're actually dealing with, unfiltered, with no apologies.

Here's What Happens

  • Those who want to share open up on the call.

  • Anat and the other facilitators provide tools and insight to create a breakthrough for them.


  • Some people don’t say a word on the call - but they hear someone else share vulnerably and they get what they need from the conversation.


  • Everyone on the call remembers they aren’t alone in this human experience, and they’re encouraged by others’ stories that feel similar to their own.


  • Calls are 100% free


The support calls gave me an opportunity to work through whatever I was feeling that day or was troubling me emotionally. Chris and Anat both gave one on one time. I learned about myself , my emotions and also learned from what others shared. I felt supported.

​John R.

Brewster, MA

I joined TCS free support group calls both Anat & Chris facilitated and has been the opening door to my healing. They guided me through the felt experience versus the mind, hence reaching deep roots of my limiting beliefs. I caught myself saying “I am safe” and actually felt my body taking me to feeling safe when before I would say it but didn’t feel it in my body or heart. I have attended 3-4 free sessions and could see my life begin to transform through just those sessions, I have clarity, peace and a different calm I had not experienced in my life. 

Miriam L.

Gilbert, AZ

I found these calls to be a refreshing oasis in a world of unending Zoom interactions. Anat and Chris immediately set a tone of peace, complete acceptance, support and trust. I have not consistently experienced anything else like it, in person or digitally. I have followed Anat for years, heard her interviews and podcasts, and I was shocked to see how openly and willingly she shares her unique system of transformation with complete strangers during these calls. It has been a highlight of my week since they began. I never felt pressured to purchase anything, or repay in any way the incredible value and personal attention I received on these calls. I was amazed at how much time they were able to spend with each person needing assistance, and how they never seemed to be drained or irritated at the constant issues we all brought to them. I felt supported, seen, heard, and valued at each call. They even reached out to me separate from the calls to check on how I was feeling, or asking about the follow up to a personal topic I had raised on the call. I have my own small business, and the way I was treated on these calls set a tone for me of how I want each of my clients to feel when I interact with them. I would recommend these to anyone.

Bethany C.

New Hall, CA

Your Facilitators

Founder & Head Facilitator

Anat Peri

“I’ll teach you to use fear to fuel your success.”

  • 15+ years of experience in personal development
  • 12+ years coaching
  • 10,000+ hours of focused training
  • Certified in Life Coaching, Trauma Release Exercise, Neurolinguistic Programming and Reiki Levels 1 & 2

Facilitator & CEO

Chris Marhefka

“I submit to you ...

What if your dream life is one courageous step away?”

  • 10+ years as a coach
  • 2000+ clients served
  • Founded and sold multiple 6-figure businesses
  • Certified Reiki Levels 1 & 2
  • Certified Language Coach