Date: october 21st- 26th, 2022
Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

The Unleashed Retreat

Become the sexually expressed and open-hearted woman you always knew you would be 


The Unleashed Retreat - a 5 day immersive experience for women to help you get clear in your communication, create safety during intimacy, & open your heart to your most beautiful love & sex life yet

5 Days of Sexual Expression & Opening Your Heart

Are you ready to have the sex & love life you’ve always desired? No more settling. No more playing small. No more having trouble communicating your needs.

If you are ready to feel fully safe in your body, in your sexuality and in your pleasure, then this is the retreat you have been looking for. Knowing how to embody your sexual energy, feel confident in your desires, and communicate them with ease is the key to having incredible intimacy.

However, it’s not just about your sex life. You must also know how to create safety to FEEL.

It’s when emotional safety and physical intimacy combine, that the best sex of your life is waiting.

All you have to do is say YES. Yes to your pleasure. Yes to your desires. And yes to being the most expressed and UNLEASHED version of you yet.

The sex and love life of your dreams is waiting for you


  • You know how to work hard, build your dream business, but often feel empty in your romantic life
  • Your desires feel repressed both in and out of the bedroom
  • You find that you struggle to say what you want and need from your relationships
  • You crave depth and true connection with others in all areas of your life. Yet, there is a part of you that is afraid of true intimacy and vulnerability
  • You have unprocessed trauma that is causing you to live a life where your default reaction is fear, survival, and control, blocking you from the love & trust that you deeply desire to surrender into
  • You are afraid of being “too much” or “crazy” in how you show up

If you felt a YES to any of the above, then this retreat was MADE FOR YOU.

This is the place for you to heal your heart, and become expressed in a way that feels so good for you. 

It’s time to reignite that spark in your sex life and have a love life that feels so expansive and inspiring.

What’s Included

  • Shuttle to and from the airport
  • All of your meals
  • Luxurious stay at boutique retreat center
  • Any excursions or activities planned
  • Pre-retreat module
  • Post-retreat integration call


Pay in Full

$3,600 Pay in full

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3 Payment Plan

3 payments of $1,300

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5 Payment Plan

5 Payments of $800

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the Schedule

October 21st
Safety & Connection

  • Friday - Begin by 4 PM
  • We’ll begin the night with an opening circle to create safety & connection
  • Then we’ll enjoy a delicious Welcome Dinner
  • Finally, we’ll show you exercises to begin releasing tension and trauma from your body 

October 22nd  
Release & Expand ( In relation to Self) 

  • Saturday - We’ll start the day with Somatic Breathwork
  • Then we’ll dive into discovering your needs & wants 
  • We’ll learn to clear your blockages & then express your needs & want
  • We’ll also step into embodying turn-on
  • Lastly, we’ll dive into how to create a rich self-pleasure practice

October 23rd
Release & Expand (In relation to Others)

  • Sunday - We’ll begin our morning with a sensual embodiment practice on the beach
  • Then we’ll explore how to express your needs & wants with your partner (or future partner)
  • We will clear and express anything from keeping you being your fullest expression
  • Then we will explore the energetics of turn-on and your fantasies 

October 24th
Connection, Vulnerability & Authenticity

  • Today is all about being vulnerable.
  • We will look at where you are blocked in sharing your heart and how to clear that.
  • We will also embody how to open your heart & yoni slowly with tantric practices.
  • Plus, we will work on forgiveness so that there is space in your heart for the new.

October 25th
Creating your Vision

  • Lastly, we will work on creating the most beautiful vision for your sex & love life.
  • We will embody our heart & erotic energies.
  • And we will create a plan for your integration of what life gets to look like when you get home!
  • Oh yea, and lots of play time!

October 26th
Closing & Departure

  • We will end our final morning together with a celebration circle
  • Checkout will be at 11 AM



Where nature meets nurture. Topia Retreat Center is a stunning yoga & wellness retreat space nestled in Baja California Sur’s charming agricultural El Pescadero community. Enjoy the breathtaking views, luxurious space, and the Pacific Ocean being just a few steps away!


Shuttles are provided. The retreat center is 1 hour from Cabo San Lucas Airport in Mexico.


We honor the value of eating nourishing foods while healing your soul. During your stay, we offer chef-prepared meals in a buffet-style setting to connect with the community. We are happy to accommodate any food allergies or sensitivities.

What people are saying

"Most of my life I thought I needed someone to save me. I’ve been reaching for someone to save me because I didn’t know how to ground myself. Now, I’m starting to sink into being in myself. It feels good."


Before working with Anat, I felt stuck in my heart and chest. I was closed off to connection. Closed off to my partner and my sexuality. Now I feel like I have started to break things up and feel more deeply. I am able to express my feelings and emotions and know what it is like to heal on an emotional level. I have expanded and am able to connect with MY desires, MY self and the most authentic ME. I am turned on to life!

Mallory J.

meet your facilitators

Anat peri

“What if your dream life is one courageous step away?”

Anat Peri, founder of Training Camp for the Soul™, is a catalyst for transformation, by combining mindset, somatic healing, inner child reparenting. She has guided thousands of people through healing their trauma, by mastering the wisdom of their body and their emotions. Leading them to embody their fullest potential in all areas of their lives and create the love, wealth and health they desire. Her mission is to provide the tools for those who need them most: those who are seeking freedom from what’s been holding them back.

Bryn Daylor

“Pleasure is your birthright and it’s also your responsibility”

Bryn is a sex, love and intimacy coach. She helps women to amplify their confidence, truly know their desires, and create a life that turns them on.On her 30th birthday, she woke up with a very deep and sad realization that her marriage was no longer working for her.And in order to become the woman she had always dreamed of she needed to create space.In the process of leaving her husband, and breaking codependency, she returned back home to herself. Bryn then hired a sex coach. She studied feminine embodiment. She did transformational retreats, and uncovered her limiting beliefs. She studied story work, trauma and breathwork. She went all in on her.And as a result, she has now stepped into her purpose of helping other women find what makes them tick, what turns them on, and what lights them up both in and out of the bedroom. She’s here to help you take radical responsibility for your life so that you can become the woman of your dreams too.

Join us for a week On the ocean

Release the shame and guilt from your desires. Get clear on what turns you on and know to express all of it! Plus, fully understand how to create safety in your body so you can have the best sex of your life.

You will leave this retreat fully upgraded into the most expressed version of yourself yet. 

It’s time to unleash your erotic self and that big, beautiful heart of yours.


When is the deadline to enroll?

The deadline to enroll is October 15th, 2022 but we may sell out. We highly recommend enrolling at least two weeks in advance so that you can begin to implement the pre-retreat modules and see results immediately.

Can I come if I am currently single? 

YES, this retreat will set you up for the sacred union you desire! 

Can my partner come? 

If your partner is a female then yes. This retreat is for women only.

How many times a year is this offered?

At this time, this is the only retreat date of this kind planned.

Will I be sharing a room?

Yes, there are 5 suites with multiple beds. We will pair you up ideally.

Which airport do we fly into?

Cabo San Lucas Airport

How do I get to the retreat center from the airport?

We will have shuttle service for you. Please plan to arrive by 1pm on the 21st and to book your flights for an after 1:30pm departure on the 26th

Is there a prerequisite to attending the in-person retreat?

The only pre-requisite is a pre-retreat module. It will take you no more than 2 hrs and will set you up for the retreat.

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