Own Your Life

90-day virtual program with lots of support to guide you to living life on your terms without difficult feelings holding you back.


Feel better. Live better.

 Demystify your feelings 

Feel your strength

Live on your terms

Feelings make change hard

We grow up learning beliefs and ingraining habits that dictate how we feel about life. Many of them help us, but some of them keep us trapped in a life we don’t love. 

  • Confrontation feel scary? Those feelings were learned.

  • Chasing business opportunities turn your stomach inside out? That’s learned too. 

  • Keep getting into relationships with people who are bad for you?  You can unlearn that. 

  • And on and on...

If loving your life and going after what you want is a fight, then you probably have old beliefs and habits making uncomfortable feelings show up when you try something new. 


Working on your feelings accelerates your growth. 

Training Camp for the Soul Virtual Program


Stop letting difficult feelings hold you back.


Tough men and courageous women alike get stopped in their tracks by feelings. 


It’s funny to think about. A feeling all by itself never hurt anyone, but all of us have adjusted our lives and abandoned interests simply because we didn’t know what to do with feelings.


Get better with your feelings and you’ll be able to do things you never thought were for you. 

Here’s How It’s Possible

The 90 Day Virtual Training

We focus on those deeply held beliefs that determine how you treat yourself and how you treat others.

  • Self Esteem
  • Expressing Needs and Wants
  • Limits & Boundaries
  • Connection
  • Responsibility

Through personal introspection, group and one-on-one conversation, and guided exercises, we release old beliefs and patterns in each area and reprogram new beliefs.

The Program Experience

  • Work through 1 module each week.

    Set aside a quiet, private space and uninterrupted time to watch or read the module and follow the journal prompts.

  • Ask questions in the Slack group.

    Our mentors and facilitators can answer them, and you can see feedback and breakthroughs from other group members.

  • Join the group calls.

    On these calls, facilitators answer questions and do one-on-one coaching for the group to listen to.

  •  Ask your mentor for support.

    Mentor calls are for accountability and getting unstuck.

  • Get in action in your life!

    The at-home nature of the virtual program means you can make changes in real time.

How its Done?

By applying proven methods

Rapid Eye Technology

Neuro-linguistic Programming

Somatic Psychotherapy

TRE - Tension & Trauma Release Exercise

Breath Work

The Results:

"Permanent transformation."

Michael G

“My body feels calm and open. It’s amazing to be out of my head!”

Kristin D

“I’m in my body more, I love my me-time.”

Jen C

“I’m sleeping deeper.

Lance D

“I’m back into a state of love, and I trust myself.”

Nico J

Opportunities are literally falling at my feet.”

Erica W

“I’m able to feel my feelings, I’ve learned to let go.”

Michelle O

"lead with what I truly want. I don’t know if I’ve ever felt this good before.”

Rich O

“I’m leaving my job. And finally enjoying motherhood!

Abigail T

“I released anxiety… now I have peace.”

Jon B

“I went from three headaches a day to one a month.”

Scott O

Other Results Include:

  •  Releasing perfectionism

  •  Replacing self-doubt with confidence

  •  Less busyness and stress

  •  Increased clarity, easier decision making

  •  Improved relationships

  •  Stress-related symptoms clearing

  •  A sense of “the weight lifting”

  •  Optimism and excitement for the future

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      Here’s how to get started


      Fill out an application and schedule a call with us.


      Secure Your Spot

      Pay the deposit to secure your spot. We have only 30 spots per program, and they fill quickly!

      Transform Your Life

      Take on the program 100% and experience permanent, life-changing results.

      Unsure About Online Courses?  

      Experience 5 levels of course engagement each week:




      13 Self-Guide Modules

      Each module is designed to walk you through the exercise step by step.

      Questions Via The App (Slack)

      Post questions to mentors or to the group in your online private community.

      Mentor Call for Accountability

      Mentor calls are for questions and direction when you feel stuck.

      Group Calls for Guide Exercises

      Group calls include Q&A time, and guided group exercises with sharing.

      One-On-One Coaching with Facilitators

      You may also choose to ask for coaching on the group call, so others can learn from your breakthrough.

      Virtual Program Bonus

      Real-Time Integration + Lifetime Access

      You will have a toolbelt of emotional release and resilience tools that you can use forever. After practicing for 90 days, you will have new, effective ways to respond to your surroundings and communicate.

      Your Facilitators

      Founder & Head Facilitator

      Anat Peri

      “I’ll teach you to use fear to fuel your success.”

      • 15+ years of experience in personal development
      • 12+ years coaching
      • 10,000+ hours of focused training
      • Certified in Life Coaching, Trauma Release Exercise, Neurolinguistic Programming and Reiki Levels 1 & 2

      Facilitator & CEO

      Chris Marhefka

      “I submit to you ...

      What if your dream life is one courageous step away?”

      • 10+ years as a coach
      • 2000+ clients served
      • Founded and sold multiple 6-figure businesses
      • Certified Reiki Levels 1 & 2
      • Certified Language Coach

      Module Walkthrough

      Inner work in relation to yourself across 5 areas of development.


      Weeks 1 and 2:  Welcome + Accessing Your Inner World

      Weeks 3 and 4: Self Esteem + Expressing Needs and Wants

      Weeks 5 and 6: Limits & Boundaries + Connection

      Weeks 7 and 8: Responsibility + Inner/Outer World Relationship

      Weeks 9 and 10:  Self Esteem + Responsibility

      Weeks 11 and 12: Limits & Boundaries + Expressing Needs and Wants

      Weeks 13: Completion and Integration



      “If you’re looking for the quickest way to be unstuck and to find what you want to do next, this is it.”

      - Jarrod Davis


      How Do I Know if This is For Me? 

      • If you're tired of experiencing: 

      • Lack of self confidence, over-analysis, self-criticism

      • Struggling to feel and express emotions

      • Seeing the same patterns on repeat

      • Uncertainty in how to grow or improve certain areas of life

      • Worrying, lack of focus, or procrastination on bigger dreams

      • A sense of unmet potential

      And you'd like to get to: 

      • Vulnerability and intimacy

      • Remove the root of your negative beliefs and patterns

      • Remove the root of your triggers and constant stress

      • Gain tools to change your state and communicate

      • Feel comfortable in your body and trust yourself

      • Find courage to take action on dreams and intentions

      • To be the most potent and best version of yourself

      Then now is the perfect time to take on the 90 Day Virtual Training!


      How long is it?

      What am I actually getting?

      Why virtual?

      What if I don’t want to share certain things with the group?

      What if I’m not great at “feeling things?”

      Is this another online course that I get in my email?

      Will I get individualized support?

      What if I have questions?

      Can I do it with my partner / a friend?


      I came into TCS with the fear of becoming a father. I'm leaving the program knowing who I am, what I am capable of, with love for myself, love for others. More love for my mother and father, understanding and accepting their traumas and limiting beliefs. I am being the husband and I will be the father that my soul knows I can be.

      Daniel D.

      Cape Town, South Africa

      I used to have intolerable frustration and pain at all times, in pattern and stories, constant misunderstanding in my relationships. Everyone in my family was always on edge knowing I was an emotional minefield. Now, I have peace. I recognize reactions and stories and share them honestly with my partner. I am much more clear in my mind. I have been making more progress in my work and family than ever before. I am positioning myself in the power position, the catalyst for change in my relationships. I have not had "unworthiness freak outs" and have been reaching out to people without the fear and intimidation I previously felt. I see the power I have and what I have to offer the world.

      Jodi M.

      Hood River, OR

      I thought I was some weak, incompetent, overly-emotional person. Now,I feel FUCKING AMAZING about myself. I have the courage to be tall, and confident, and seen and beautiful. Whatever is next, I'm going to jump into it and crush it.

      ​Erna A.

      Little Rock, AR

      Before life was a constant tightness. Overwhelm was often and I chased outside things hoping for inner peace. After, I have an understanding of me, and tools to use to help me step into the person I want to be.

      Drew D.

      Dublin, OH

      Before: I wreaked havoc on myself and expected perfection. I beat myself up a lot and used a ton of negative self-talk. I expected the worst from people. I was guarded and suspicious. After: I am trusting the process and giving myself grace. I speak kind words to myself and others (and mean it!) I notice and witness when I am triggered and get curious about it. And mostly, I have so much forgiveness for myself and for others.

      ​Michelle T.

      Columbus, OH

      I often felt numb before. Wondering why I couldn't cry or mourn when something sad happened in my life, like when my grandmother passed away, who I loved very much. Now there have been moments in my life where I am overwhelmed with love for my wife and kids during routine parts of our day. It feels good to feel.

      Andrew F.

      Adrian, MI

      Difficult feelings are part of life. Stop letting them hold you back.

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